Thursday, February 18, 2010


On 30 th January 2010 we released a report covering all plantation companies in Sri lanka & the value of investing in Plantations in Colombo Stock Exchange. [See report]This was given a wide publicity by several leading web sites [Sri lanka equity analytics / new etc.] world wide.

This is one of few reports published [To our knowledge] during the month of January 2010 highlighting the importance /hidden value  of investing in Plantation companies in Sri lanka.

After releasing this report from the very next day [01/02/2010]onwards Plantation index starts to climb up. However we still believe  that the Plantations have a very good future ahead &  most of plantation companies are still trading below to their true potential values.

As per this Table we can see that one company is leading the way [WATA] & next three companies [AGAL /BALA /KOTA] are well ahead to other counters & followed by another two counters [KGAL / MAL ] in terms of return [growth in share price]for the period 01/02/2010 to 12/02/2010

Investors / Friends
  • Will this trend continue in future as well?
  • Is there a true hidden value representing in these counters here?
  • Is WATA the most valued plantation company in CSE?
  • WATA - AGAL -BALA -KOTA-KGAL - MAL Is this the correct way to represent the value of Plantation companies?
  • Is this order representing the investor's demand?
  • Any thing new / from out side this table.
We are expecting a feed back from all the investment community who like to invest in plantations or already have plantation stakes.