Sunday, January 3, 2010


Rhl  has 96% in Renuka agro exports ltd. RAEL owns 52.23% of Coco lanka & Coco owns 78.6% in Renuka Agri Foods Ltd. The ultimate holding company of RAEL,RAFL & Coco is Rhl. Now Rhl has announced a sub division of its shares at a ratio of 5 for 1 .This looks attractive & the market reacts positively for the previous subdivision announcement by LLUB,ASIR,TOKYO N, etc. Rhl profitability shows a significant growth (2466% YOY) as at 30/09/09. NAV stands at 123.50 per share &  EPS is 11.26.

Good buy    Price as at 11/12/09       Voting - Rs 124.75.
                                                           Nonvoting -Rs 95
                                                                 ASI  3056.64